As independent opticians, MKO can supply contact lenses from any manufacturer ensuring you get exactly the right lens for you. Having this option means your contact lenses will be best fitted to you, resulting in better vision and better health for your eyes.


Daily disposables

Daily disposable lenses are the healthiest option and the most convenient. You pop them in for just one day, or a couple of hours for an event or sporting activity, then you throw them away when you are done.


Monthly lenses

Monthly lenses are still popular for people who want to wear their contact lenses 7 days a week. You remove and clean the lenses every night, and throw them away after 30 days.


Extended wear lenses

Extended wear lenses are only removed a few times a month as necessary. You wear them constantly for 30 days, not removing them to sleep in.

If you are interested in trying contact lenses MKO offer a FREE TRIAL. Read our article on which soft lens is right for you here.


Read our article on contact lens programmes to find the right one for you.


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