There are many different types of lenses available for spectacles, across many different suppliers. This enables us to choose the right lenses for your glasses to suit your exact needs. 


As lens technology progresses we are able to offer patients better quality lenses, that will improve your vision and provide you with comfortable viewing. 

Following your eye examination, our dispensing opticians will help you choose a new frame and lenses suitable for your prescription and lifestyle requirements 


The best lenses to meet your needs will be advised for you by the dispensing optician. Lens types can include single vision, bi-focal, varifocal, computer lenses, and driving lenses to name a few. 

Lenses can also vary in thickness due to your prescription, these can be made thinner if required. 


Transitions or photochromic lenses, are lenses that darken when UV radiation is present. These are available in a variety of colours and offer 100% protection against damaging UV light. Indoors these lenses are clear, and darken when outdoors providing comfortable viewing when bright and protection against UV.


Lens coatings are advised as they help to remove any white light reflections, which will enhance your vision. They also help protect your lenses from getting scratched making them more durable and easier to clean.


Polarised sunglasses lenses are designed to reduce glare, making viewing sharper and clearer. 

They are popular for users partaking in outdoor sports, especially water sports as they will eliminate glare and reflections.