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Age related macular degeneration

The macula is the part of you eye that gives you your clear, detailed, central vision. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is when your macula starts to wear out. This is not always with old age. AMD is the greatest cause of vision loss in the over 50’s, however it doesn’t cause complete blindness and you are still able to function.

There are two types of AMD – dry and wet.

Dry AMD is typified by a gradual drop in your vision. It is not treatable but it can be helped with stronger reading spectacles or magnifiers.

Wet AMD causes a rapid loss of vision. Early detection of this type of AMD is essential, and it can sometimes be treated.

If you notice deterioration of your vision or straight lines or edges becoming distorted then you must book an eye examination, immediately. It is key not to delay.

Although AMD does not cause total blindness. Your peripheral vision is maintained, enabling you to continue to function. To reduce your risk of AMD it is crucial to maintain healthy eyes. The current recommendations for healthy eyes are:

  • Stop smoking

  • Block out harmful UV light by wearing UV blocking spectacles

  • Regular exercise

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Eat plenty of dark leafy vegetables, especially spinach – four servings a week are suggested.

  • Take a dietary supplement, such as MacuShield

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