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Which type of contact lens programme is best for you?

If you are considering contact lenses, there are a few things to think about before choosing the lenses right for you. For example, how many day a week and hours a day do you plan to wear your lenses?

Below are some of the options to consider. The main benefits of signing up to one of MKO’s monthly lens schemes are:

  • All yearly eye exams and contact lens checks are at no extra charge when paid by monthly direct debit

  • Daily lenses can be posted out to you at no extra cost

  • Split/ damaged lenses replaced at no charge

  • 20% discount off spectacles and 15% off designer name sunspecs is allowed for the regular wearer – or if two or more monthly packs of daily lenses have been ordered within the last 12 months.

Twice a week or less but each time for over 5 hours, or several times a week for only a few hours (social/sport use)

The best method for you is going to be the daily disposable.

They are extremely comfortable and do not require cleaning or soaking solutions. They are worn just once then thrown away.

For your daily disposables you can pay either by monthly by direct debit or outright purchase. The cost of the lenses reduces the more you order.

Everyday, for over 5 hours a day There two most popular options available to you:

(a) Lenses replaced every fortnight. A free trial is available with these lenses, which are extremely comfortable. Lenses and solutions are collected every 6 months.

(b) Lenses replaced every month. A free trial is available with these lenses. Lenses and solutions are collected every 6 months.

MKO do run other replacement schemes if these don’t suit your requirements.

However well you look after your soft lenses they will still become deposited with protein and calcium. This is from your tears and normal everyday grime.

These deposits affect the quality of the lenses, and this could ultimately cause damage to the front of your eyes.

For people who regularly wear soft lenses, frequent replacement is the answer.

Constant Wear If you want to be able to wear your contact lenses all the time without removing them then a monthly constant wear lens will be suitable for you. You wear these 24 hours a day for a month then discard them.

They allow more oxygen to your eyes than some daily disposables, maintaining healthy eyes. These monthly lenses are available for long-sightedness, short-sightedness, astigmatism and are available as a Multifocal.

If you are considering Laser eye surgery, but are not too sure of the risks and want something reversible, then these are the lenses to try.

MKO offer a free trial for these lenses.

Lenses for Dry eyes or extra comfort

These are created from a new lens materials that have an extra moisture layer to keep them comfortable all day long. Available as daily disposables, fortnightly disposables and monthly disposables. Soft Bifocal/Multifocal Contact Lenses

There are now several manufacturers of soft Multifocal disposable contact lenses. Again these are available as daily, fortnightly and monthly disposables and available as a free trial. The advantages over conventional bifocal or multifocal spectacles are that you can see far and near in any direction of gaze.

The multifocal contact lens that MKO offer allows so much oxygen to the eye that you can wear them all day, everyday. You can even sleep in them.

We have a FREE trial available on the multifocal lenses, a fitting fee of £35 my be required. A follow up visit is included and if you do not proceed with the lenses after the trial the £35 can be used as credit against a pair of spectacles.

Hard Bifocal Contact Lenses

These tend to be more successful than the soft bifocal lenses, especially if you’ve worn hard lenses before.

If we are unable to fit you with a pair of hard lenses then you will b

e fully refunded for the cost of the lenses. A fitting fee is required and is non refundable.

Coloured Soft Contact Lenses If you fancy a bit of a change then MKO have a section of coloured, soft, contact lenses are available. Either daily or monthly disposable, these lenses are available in 7 colours: Dark & Light, Blue, Aqua, Green, Grey, Hazel & Brown.

They look stunning and suit virtually all eye colours.

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