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COVID-19 Practice Update

Following current guidelines, all practice locations will be open at the beginning of 'Phase Two' on Monday 1st June for new spectacle and sunglass purchases.

Our dedicated team have been providing essential eye care care throughout the pandemic. Anybody requiring an essential appointment or emergency care will continue to be seen. If you feel you need an eye examination but are unsure if you will be categorised as essential, please either book online and we will call you back, or call us. Telephone consultations with our Optometrists will still be available.

We are not currently permitted to carry out routine eye care appointments, although it is anticipated that this will change in 'Phase Three' on Saturday 4th July.

Your Safety and Ours

We are currently implementing plans for our re-opening, which include the provision of PPE, alcohol based sanitising gel stations, protective screens where possible and UV-C sterilising equipment for frames. We want to assure you that when visiting the practice you are safe and that frames and clinical equipment are disinfected after every use.

What is 'essential' eyecare?

Essential eye care can include:

  • Patients who require an appointment due to clinical risk factors that they are being monitored for.

  • Patients with a reduction in vision, and patients who have been 'making do' with older glasses with an out-of-date prescription.

  • Patients who are anxious or concerned about their vision.

If you feel the need to have your eyes examined, contact your local Martyn Kemp Opticians for advice and booking an appointment.

Until social distancing is eased, eyewear selection and collection will be by appointment.

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