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Eyewear Trends for 2021

Are you looking for a new look for 2021?

It is no surprise that with everything that has happened over the last year, you might be looking for a change of style and something new and exciting for the year ahead.

The eyewear trends for 2021 are sure to add a little flair to your style whether you are looking for a new ‘zoom’ look or something to update your eyewear collection there is sure to be something just for you. There are a range of trends that look to be incredibly popular for this year, and we have selected the top few we think will be a hit.

Thin Rim

Thin rim spectacles are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the younger generation. There is nothing more elegant than a pair of thin rim glasses, in silver, gold or rose-gold colours to finish off a smart and classy look. Lindberg is a brand that is well known for its thin rims, and lightweight materials. Their frames come in a range of shapes and colours, allowing the wearer to make a statement in a subtle way.


Transparent glasses have been on trend for the last couple of years and look like they are a trend to stay. From clear to pastel shades, transparent glasses make a gorgeous accessory, with a modern appeal.

Cat Eye

Cat eye spectacles and sunglasses have been popular for a long time and continue to add a chic element to your style. This style of frames has seen an update with narrower lenses, creating a more angular and dynamic statement. Eco has a fabulous range of spectacles and sunglasses in a range of shapes, including the popular cat eye. One fantastic feature of the Eco eyewear spectacles is the sun clip that comes with a selection of their frames. This means you only need one pair of glasses, for double the use!


Round glasses have been popular for decades, they are a timeless classic that can suit anyone. This coming year it is the metal frames in the 80’s and 90’s style that are gaining a lot of attention. It is a nostalgic classic, providing retro vibes for the wearer.

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