Fundus photography is part of the Advanced and Comprehensive Eye Examination.


The fundus is the back of the eye and includes the retina, retinal blood vessels and the optic nerve. In fundus photography, the fundus is photographed with a high tech camera which produces colour images of the back of the eye.

A fundus photograph is able to show a picture of the retina, the retinal blood vessels and the optic nerve head, where the retinal blood vessels enter the eye. It can also show any abnormalities such as drusen, scar tissue, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. 

Having fundus photographs taken at each eye examination provides your optometrists with a visual timeline of your eye health, and can assist in the monitoring of your eye health. 

Fundus photography is often used in conjunction with OCT to provide a more in depth and comprehensive view of the retina and your eye health.

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